Ruth-Anne Boyd Testimonial

Why did you chose Daleway?
I knew of their good success rate as several family members passed their tests on the first attempt with Daleway.

What was your learning experience with Daleway?
After years of avoiding taking driving lessons because of nerves, I couldn’t believe how relaxed Andrew made me feel and boosted my confidence within a few lessons.

Starting with the basics and guiding me through each of the processes helped everything to stick in my mind, until I was able to do it by myself. During the lessons, it was good to pick up the tips that Daleway have built up over the years

Andrew was very reassuring and patient but he knew when to push me when I started to doubt myself! Daleway have a genuine desire for all their pupils to pass their test and pass well!

What advice would you give other learners?
Stick at it and believe in yourself! If someone had told me this time last year I would pass my test in a matter of months, I wouldn’t have believed them! Now I’ve got my own car and don’t need to rely on my family as much!

If you were with another instructor before coming to us how would you compare your experience to that of the learning with Daleway?
There was really no comparison. Learning with Daleway was so much more structured. Having the basic knowledge from the beginning on how to stop, start and control the car helped me to feel more confident. There was a natural progression in the learning and building in the manoeuvres, along with Andrew’s friendly and reassuring nature, helped to make the lessons more enjoyable.

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