Teaching learner drivers has never been a more important job. With the number of vehicles on the road multiplying new drivers need the skills and knowledge to drive safely and responsibily.

At Daleway we’ve trained many of Northern Ireland’s best driving instructors. Many have worked with Daleway following qualification, whilst other have taken their new skills to create a satisfying and rewarding business of their own.

Driving instruction is not for everyone, it requires committment, patience, and a desire to help people to become responsible drivers, whatever their age or aptitude. The process is rewarding yet complex and difficult which is why we offer only individual coaching. You really need the care and attention of our specialist tutors. Avoid the temptation to go for a ‘quick fix, cut price” offer which usually ends in failure.

Tuition centres around the three stages of examination:

* Part One – ADI Theory Test
* Part Two – Driving Ability
* Part Three – Instructional Ability

Enquire Today!
If you’re considering Driving Instruction as a desirable new career, then get in touch with the experts. We’ll conduct a preliminary appraisal costing £45 including an informal interview and in-car appraisal of your driving ability. It is money well spent before you invest time and money in the training process. Contact us to arrange your appraisal.

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